Lets unfold the layers of my food philosophy today….

“Good food from all the food groups”

This much publicized FOOD PYRAMID has been every where for each one of us. This is the guide and power tool for our body.

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Eating well means having meals that include all the food groups. Every day we all think about food more than we think about any thing else. So, why not use this pyramid as a guide and enjoy assortment of nutritious foods.

What our body NEEDS?


Lets solve this.
Weight loss and nutrition shouldn’t be confusing. We should look for both at the same time. These five foods groups have all the answers... its about time we jump and discover their role in our body.




The wide group that is responsible for providing us energy. This food group is anticipated as the most boring category by all of us, without knowing their importance for our health. It maintains a healthy weight so don’t get confused and consider carbs as evil.

Whole grains are important for a healthy digestive system
• Provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories
• Dietary fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol decrease risk of heart disease
• Responsible for healthy nervous system

Make sure you are not swapping your grains in your meals religiously. Try to create a good balance and boast your nutrition. Add at least 20-25% whole grain in your meal.There is a reason every updated version of food pyramid still includes this group as the base of the food foundation.So do not eliminate them and keep them going in your shopping list.

ATTA ( wheat flour for making chapatis/paratha try to get multi grain flour I use SUJATA)






Colorful range of colors variety and vitamins
• Low on fat , salt and sugar ( most important reason to include in diets)

Science proves number of health benefits as they help to reduce risk of diseases.
Play with them have them raw, cooked, steamed or baked as vegetables play an important role in overall health and maintenance of our body. Canned vegetables are higher in sodium, try to avoid them.



Rich in antioxidents, viatmins ,minerals, and folic acid
• Naturally low in sodium ,fat and calories
• Excellent source of dietary fiber and helps to maintain a healthy gut

Before adopting a healthy lifestyle I used to love fruit juices of every type but never thought they are high in providing more energy but low in dietary fibre.Eating fruit as a whole provides better nutrition.

Add this diverse group in your breakfast, snacks for a well balanced diet
The US agriculture department of agriculture says half of every meals should be made from fruits and vegetables.

So, lets not google the healthiest list fruits and vegetables .Just visit the closest farmers market grab a variety and get impress from their nutrition profile and boast our meals in a B.O.L.D.E.R W.A.Y!


MMMMmmm sounds like some medical term right? YES GI is the ranking of foods containing carbohydrate and their effect on blood sugar levels.Glycemicv2
When I was trying to make my metabolism fast by reducing weight, my doctor gave me this graph (on the right) which shows high GI foods will lead to rise blood sugar levels, Whereas, low GI foods are good to GO…
Basically, GI as a number on blood work which gives an idea about how fast the body converts the carbs into glucose.Smaller the number less impact on your blood sugar.

SO, aim for these LOW GI FOODS and the CARBS will behave happily in your body!


These building blocks are  very essential for the growth and development of our body. As we all know the significant sources are poultry, meat ,fish. We adopt the usage according to our culture and lifestyle. Meats make up considerable portion of our meal so choose leaner cuts instead of getting marbled and untrimmed portions.

Protien foods
IF not a carnivore explore into the world of hearty and healthy legumes,beans,tofu,chick peas, split peas ,nuts and seeds. They are not only cost effective but carry so many benefits.


Eggs are the cheapest form of protein.  They are created by nature the way it is so don’t throw away the yolk which contains rich array of vitamins and minerals .In fact, studies have found egg yolks actually helps reduce bad cholesterol.So,unless you are advised make a room for them in your healthy diet.


If you are consuming a high protein DIET and cutting calories on carbs make sure to increase your water intake whether you are thirsty or not because your kidneys gets stress while breaking down the by products of protein.When high amounts of protein is digested waste products remain in the system,that needs to be eliminated .By drinking lots of water the kidney will filter and remove uric acid from the blood stream.



First things that comes to mind about fat is storage. We need to maintain our body fat storage to protect our internal organs
This food group items are higher in calories.They are mainly two categories


Saturated fats are solid at room temperature if taken in excess amount increase bad
cholesterol level.So avoid them to combine them with refined carbs and having them regularly.
• Unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature can help in reducing high blood cholesterol levels and may actually increase the good cholesterol .Enjoy these heart healthy fats

Lets improve the palatability of our food and enjoy healthy smooth texture of fats.


As the product label always says
“Excellent source of Protein and Calcium”

Dairy products
Dairy products are really good in building bones and maintaining bone mass.Regular intake of these dairy products provides health benefits:
ORGANIC DAIRY( fresh varieties have less salt)
MILK ALTERNATIVES ( Almond, Coconut, Hemp, Cashew, Rice)
When buying these products make sure that they have no added loads of sugar and sodium as then they are no longer effective in providing  necessary nutrients (calcium and vitamin D).Cheese can be addictive get low fat ,and pick portions packs so that no BINGE EATING.


PyramidAs,the shape suggests i create my food world with all of these food groups.I am a follower of occasional indulgence. No Battling with your cravings. We can control what we put in our bodies.The key is to eat your cheat meal in the right amount and right time.I usually indulge in the mornings so that it is much easier to burn the extra calories thorough out the day.Whether it’s a slice of pizza,a tasty dessert,a bowl of ice cream  do enjoy these treats but in moderation and portion control.Deprivation and stop eating your favorite picks may not be a good idea.Treat yourself,enjoy every bite,plan your cheat meals with your weekly meal planning.


The process of well being revolves around  your food.Remember a healthy lifestyle is all about variety and balance. So,choose your food strategy wisely.

Enjoy the happier and healthier colors of food!


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