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My name is Sidra and I am a Pakistani stay -at home mom living in New Jersey. I am very passionate about Health and Fitness. I love to exercise, eat, cook, read and run. Besides food and fitness, I am experiencing all my exciting firsts with my little girl. Window to my lifestyle is all about finding a balance while incorporating healthy elements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Food makes me happy and blissful, it doesn’t have to be restrictive and diet oriented. My thought on food philosophy is simple
“Good food from all the food groups”
I like to get creative and use the traditional ingredients with different flavor combinations. Clean cooking should be fun, flexible& simple and what’s some fun without some treats, right? 😎 I am a follower of occasional indulgence. No Battling with your cravings. We can control what we put in our bodies. Let me navigate you through the food found here which shall focus on these categories.

Every day easily accessible ingredients from the pantry
• Pakistani Palate and other tasteful dishes
• Affordable, Accessible, Clean and yummy food

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