My health story started 7 years ago after having my baby girl I always felt lazy with lack of energy and stamina. I was getting sick very often. My body experienced a rapid weight gain followed by other random problems.shutterstock_557004751

With my body not running normally I had no choice just to revisit doctors with a puffy-face and fatigue. After a series of visits they finally caught the under-active thyroid in the blood work. For, Hypothyroidism I was put on levothyroxine without being aware what other patients have experienced.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work well for me. After some more tests, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s an autoimmune disorder. I was switched to Synthroid. Sadly, after few months I noticed I’m not improving. Even after 2 years the adjustment of dosage as on going and my abilities were getting effected. Looking back now I regret not questioning for solution. By, now I had gained over 30 pounds I told my self
                                “ITS EASY TO TREAT IF YOU THINK OF IT”

I told myself that I need to unfold the layers of food and fitness, after all its never too late. I had to change my approach and adopt 2 things daily exercise, boast my metabolism as an active lifestyle changes everything

FOOD for me was a massive change, considering what I ate it wasn’t easy at all for me to eliminate carbs and switch to salads and grilled food; which for me at that time  was the only health food. I followed so may diet plans, detox drinks and targeted weight loss plans. The results was temporary and not effective at all.

Soon I realized food is the foundation of my body and I need to fuel it properly. Starvation, eliminating carbs and counting calories for every meal is not a long-term lifestyle choice. After all, Lifestyle is focusing on things that make you happy right?🙂
Now it literally felt like a challenge but I made this my mental hobby. Tried different types of difficult workout circuits every day, ran at a pace which I never thought I will. Did kitchen experiments with the food palate I have grown on, tried new ingredients and most importantly said no to process foods and adopted portion control.

Eventually, over a period of almost 3 years I lost a total of 34 pounds. I was out of my unhappy place. My health was getting better and I was on the right track and growing into so much more. With time the new me discovered the love for running. I ran many 5k’s and got an itch to push my boundaries for 8 to 10 miles. I noticed episodes of tiredness ,abdominal pain, mild-nausea and itching.

This time it was Gilbert’s syndrome. So, now my liver does not filter toxins as well as the normal person does. They say it isn’t bad. I just  have to eat even more carefully and give my liver as little work as possible. Running has overjoyed me.Today i just do as much as my body let me. Hopefully, soon I will beat my personal best as my journey continues……..

Time has taught me one thing that the process of well- being revolves around your food. If you have to stay healthy and fit it’s a long -term lifestyle which comes with variety and balance. Internet has been my tutor throughout my journey. I guess now is the time to share with all of you the way I have learned, adopted and created my very own food world.

Hope you enjoy my journey here atWindow To my Lifestyle” where I paint the canvas  of lifestyle with happier and healthier colors of food and fitness.


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